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Austin, TX

May 16-19th, 2024

As a man you deserve to be the hero of your life!

The problem is No one gave you the map of what being a modern man really is.

in today's culture a man hasn't gone through a proper rite of passage of becoming a man and This leaves him feeling alone, confused, frustrated, angry, and stuck!

Most men navigate life on their own like a lone wolf

Most men will be the pleaser to everyone around them bending themselves and are left feeling depleted and dis-empowered.

Most men live in their head trying to figure everything out letting their EGO run the show.

​Most men get caught in the daily routines (groundhog day) and miss the mission they are truly here to serve.

Most men think that by checking off all the boxes of life (house/wife/kids/money/car) that they will be happy and they end up miserable and unfulfilled.

“I gained so much wisdom, knowledge, experience, fun and adventure. It was amazing being with men in a container that have the willingness, hunger, and desire to become the best version of themselves. I felt at home!

-Sway N

Los Angeles, CA

  • A King knows his mission and will accept nothing less

  • ​A King is recognized by his valor, courage and nobility

  • ​A King has vision

  • ​A King shows up

  • ​A King has a powerful council and brotherhood by his side

  • ​A King brings order to his Kingdom

  • ​A King is Sovereign

  • ​A King brings blessing to the next generation.

“I feel so empowered and engaged to go home and be the husband and father I want to be. My problems no longer feel like an impossible mountain to climb.”

-Doug K.

Nashville, TN

What makes this immersion DIFFERENT than other mens work?

What makes this immersion different is that you will be in an deep immersive container with other men for 3 1/2 days embodying the

4 Masculine Archetypes

so that you can be empowered to take powerful action in your life when you return home


Archetypes are powerful universal patterns all men have that shape over 90% of who you are how, the decisions you make and how you navigate daily life.

These patterns/archetypes are deeply engrained because they were imprinted in you from 0-7 years old.

What that means is that you are playing out the conditioning you learned on a daily basis.

And the reality is that if you are unaware of these patterns they are most likely playing out in a negative way.


 All archetypes have a “shadow" and sacred third element 

The shadow is the DARK and REPRESSED part.

The shadow is what shows up as


This often looks like being a Tyrant, Bully, Weakling, Coward, Trickster, Addiction or Impotence.

It is the unconscious limiting belief driving all of your behaviors and robbing you of what you want most.

“It’s a common misconception that the Shadow is home to the worst parts of ourselves. But this is false.

The Shadow is actually home to the rejected parts of ourselves. And for this reason, the Shadow is full of untapped potential and creativity.”

What you will get from this immersion:

  • Clarity on the 4 masculine archetypes.

  • ​EXPERIENCE the shadow and strength of each archetype.

  • ​Be in community with other men facing the same challenges in life

  • Liberate your blocks to Victory

  • ​Claim your Kingship

  • ​Training on the common pitfalls all men make and how to OVERCOME them

  • ​The cultural hallucination of what it means to “be a man” and how to break free of it and ELEVATE

  • ​How to truly be present for the most important people in your life.

  • ​How to show up for your wife and family the way they deserve.

  • ​What it truly means to KNOW and LIVE your calling.

  • ​The synergy of living these archetypes in your life on a daily basis so that you have the TOOLS to deal with any adversity.

  • ​Bring meaning and depth back into your life by experiencing the sacred rites of passage.

  • Embodiment of the primal masculine energy

  • ​Core level upgrades to your nervous system.

Meet your Mentor,

Dr. Michael Diamond

Michael Diamond founded IgKnight the King as a brotherhood of men living their mission.

In 2016 Michael had a life transforming experience after attending a “mens” weekend. Since that time he has been fully committed to help other men live their most energy rich version showing up fully in their relationships, families and mission with presence, passion and purpose.

Michael believes that as men we must do our work to not only address and become aware of these patterns, we must acknowledge and embody the new version of masculinity modeling a new way of being for our children. We must be willing to look at our “stuff” and choose a new way of being. The world is depending on the Kings to rise into their fullness and help humanity live a more positive and fulfilled life.

Michael is trained as a doctor of chiropractic with advanced certifications in Network Spinal Analysis, epi-energetics and specializations in the nervous system and subtle energy. He has owned and operated two wellness centers in Marin county and Beverly Hills with his wife NaniLea Diamond. They have an amazing son Wolfgang and live in Austin, TX

Meet your Mentor,

G. Russell Reynolds

Russell Reynolds has been involved with men's work since 2005. Growing up without a father, Russell knew the critical role of positive masculine guidance, and the deep hole left in its absence. Setting out to discover all the gifts his father didn't give him,

Russell dove head first into spirituality, warrior-hood and martial arts, psychology, personal development and men's work. Now joining hearts and minds with Michael Diamond, Russell has poured his gifts into co-creating Igknight the King, a brotherhood that gives men the structure, the support, the sacred space and the synergy to step out of their story of whatever happened to them, what they didn't get, or who they haven't been, and into their glory as a strong, awakened and empowered man and the fullness of who they really are.

Russell is a Level 2 certified MDS (Mastro Defense System) instructor children's author, executive personal trainer, martial artist, transformational coach and warrior of the heart.

next immersion

Austin, TX

may 16-19th, 2024


“The work we did was both pivotal and incredibly necessary in our world today. Thank you for helping to facilitate this for us. The world is a better place for the work done here this weekend.”

-Jonathan S.

Houston, TX

“The precision, power and potency that was created this weekend was second to none.”

-Mike P.

San Francisco, CA

"This was the most important four days of personal work I have experienced

.-Trey F.

Jacksonville, FL

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